Belkin Secure Switch Solutions

Belkin Cybersecurity and KVM solutions are used by governments and critical infrastructure entities world-wide to enhance user efficiency and effectiveness when working across multiple systems in isolated air-gap networks, server room and standard desktop environments.

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2nd Gen Universal Secure KVM Switch

Air gap isolation with combo connectors supporting up to 4K at 60Hz on HDMI and DisplayPort

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Modular Secure KVM Switch

Select and control one system at a time.

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Secure Modular KM Switch

Ideal for data-intensive applications where information from multiple secure sources is required to be viewed and compared simultaneously.

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Cables & Accessories

Eliminate clutter at the desktop with accessories compatible with our KVM solutions.

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Defence, Police and Security agencies

Belkin Secure KVM are used throughout the World by many Militaries and Security Services, including; NATO, FBI, Met Police, NCA and the UK MoD to name a few.

Defence, Police and security agencies usually utilise secure networks alongside unsecured ones and Belkin secure KVM allow for a tidier desktop by sharing the peripherals (mouse/keyboard/monitor) whilst still maintaining the requisite security separation

Designed from the ground up as a dedicated secure KVM switch, every element of the switches has been conceived to ensure the greatest data isolation and emission control.

Secure KVM rules/accreditation are defined by an organisation known as the Common Criteria and periodically they update their rules as and when any new weaknesses or attack vectors are recognised. The Belkin Secure portfolio meets all the latest security certifications across the whole range.



Banks and financial services companies continue to be attractive targets for cyber-attacks and are increasingly at risk of serious breaches. With more transactions and services moving online, the sheer volume of data as well as its wide geographic footprint makes protecting systems significantly more complicated. To protect mission-critical systems and private data, military and intelligence agencies use Common Criteria and NIAP certified secure KVMs to physically isolate cyber assets. These secure KVMs allow operators to seamlessly work across security domains from the same set of computing peripherals, while maintaining air-gap segmentation at all times. Secure KVMs have been proven to be the ultimate defence against the most sophisticated state-sponsored attacks and can be equally effective for financial institutions.


Energy & Utilities

The threat of debilitating cyber-attacks is at an all-time high. It seems as if cyber criminals are now more sophisticated, more determined, and significantly better funded to work around security measures in pursuing their ultimate target. The threats against critical infrastructure are increasing at an alarming rate. According to a recent global study from PwC, the number of security incidents across all industries rose by 38% in 2015—the biggest increase in past 12 years. The report also found a huge spike in vulnerabilities within the public sector, with the theft of intellectual property among power and utility companies tripling from 2014 to 2015—up 234%



Cyber-attacks on government systems are increasing at an exponential rate and can result in catastrophic loss of state secrets, military data, and classified documents. They can also take down entire systems, destroy valuable equipment, and leave government agencies vulnerable. Belkin Secure KVM solutions are designed to protect against vulnerabilities at the desktop and maintain air-gap isolation between secure and non-secure networks, while enabling a productive, flexible workspace. Our secure switches are certified by NIAP to the latest Common Criteria Protection Profile PSS Version 3.0 level. Designed, manufactured, and shipped from the USA following secure supply chain procedures, Belkin secure KVMs are also TAA compliant.  And we offer a full complement of high-quality cables that connect the Secure KVMs to their computing sources and display devices.


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