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Whether your customers need a full infrastructure refresh, remote monitoring capabilities or more capacity at edge sites to handle new demands, as a Vertiv Distributor Partner, we are on hand to help.

With Vertiv’s Mix & Match promotion you can build your customers’ edge solution – and save up to 45%!

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02 Mar

KVM & Consoles explained

As a Value Add Distributor, we want to give you the tools to be able to talk about the products we are offering with confidence to our customers and help you easily add them to your day to day opportunities and increase your deal size.

Here we explain exactly what Console & KVM’s are, what they do, along with features and benefits to your customer.

KVM (Keyboard Video Mouse) switches are used to access and control multiple IT devices from a single input keyboard, video monitor, and mouse, saving a great deal of time, space and power.

KVM over IP Switches are designed to enable remote access to servers across a LAN/WAN, the Internet or even ISDN/56K modem. KVM over IP devices also enable out of band management enabling remote power cycling and BIOS-level access to remote locations or within a datacentre.

There are two types of KVMs, each technology has its advantages.

Digital KVM

•    Easy to integrate with existing network infrastructure
•    User access without distance limitations
•    Multiple users can log in and gain concurrent access to collaborate on the same device
•    Unlimited expandability with a uniform, predictable cost per added switch

Analog KVM

•  Ultimate security of isolation from the WAN/Internet
•  Does no need any fixed IP addresses or router ports for deployment
•  Potential for more users to access different devices on one switch
•  Real-time (instantaneous) video and mouse response
•  Utmost video quality; faster support for high pixel resolutions & colour depth
•  Lower cost per port

Serial Console Server

Serial Console Servers provide secure, remote access to IT assets and console port management for serial-based servers and network appliances.

Sometimes referred to as a serial terminal server, provide datacentre managers secure remote management of Cisco routers, switches and firewalls, Solaris, Windows, Unix and Linux servers, PBXs or any device with a serial console port.

Serial Console Servers enable IT professionals and network operations centre personnel to easily perform secure remote datacentre management and out-of-band management of IT assets from anywhere in the world.

•    Manage IT assets from virtually anywhere even during system or network outages
•    Out of Band management to monitor & respond to globally distributed networks from a central location at any given time
•    Maximise uptime and continuity with real time notifications and access
•    Minimise system disruptions and mean time to repair (MTTR)
•    Save time and minimise cost with smart and consolidated management

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09 Jan

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    04 Aug

    Vertiv’s New Partner Portal is LIVE!

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    25 May

    Whatsupp? How 4G is Creating Opportunities for IT VAR’s

    If you’re a business with new premises, in most European countries you’ll face a lengthy delay in getting a broadband connection in a time frame that suits your needs.

    Busy Tone

    Your workforce may be able to function using cellular technology, but what if that location has no IT staff and you have a server room of IT equipment. How can you access, diagnose and fix any issues remotely? You can’t!

    This may be an extreme example, however in the digital economy there is a greater need for redundancy in business critical networks and for the ability to maintain availability. Standard remote management redundancy is no longer enough.

    The Edge

    Enabling technical staff to connect to IT equipment remotely via 4G through console servers is a big growth market. Largely driven by a greater level of critical applications at the Edge, the organisation needs to be able to remotely keep availability up to keep costs down as well as maintaining user productivity and brand reputation. Also where there is no possibility, need or desire to have a fixed line connection it is important for IT personnel to be able to remotely connect to sites.

    4G or not 4G, that is the question?

    So the simple solution is to build a console server with a built in 4G connection right? Wrong! Many server rooms are deep within, or underneath buildings, many data center managers do not want a 4G connection in the data center to manage. The flexible option is to provide the 4G access but to decouple the switch from the 4G access point and connection through CAT5.


    Vertiv partnered with Cradlepoint (a global leader in 4G LTE and cloud services) to give customers the most flexible 4G options for connection. Reliability of service was the key priority in selecting Cradlepoint. In addition, Cradelpoint’s “Enterprise Cloud Management” enables the user to consolidate, view and push firmware to all their Cradlepoint devices from one source.

    Simple connection via a VPN tunnel, flexibility on auto or manual fail over. Vertiv’s Avocent ACS Console Server just got more connected.

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