25 May

Whatsupp? How 4G is Creating Opportunities for IT VAR’s

If you’re a business with new premises, in most European countries you’ll face a lengthy delay in getting a broadband connection in a time frame that suits your needs.

Busy Tone

Your workforce may be able to function using cellular technology, but what if that location has no IT staff and you have a server room of IT equipment. How can you access, diagnose and fix any issues remotely? You can’t!

This may be an extreme example, however in the digital economy there is a greater need for redundancy in business critical networks and for the ability to maintain availability. Standard remote management redundancy is no longer enough.

The Edge

Enabling technical staff to connect to IT equipment remotely via 4G through console servers is a big growth market. Largely driven by a greater level of critical applications at the Edge, the organisation needs to be able to remotely keep availability up to keep costs down as well as maintaining user productivity and brand reputation. Also where there is no possibility, need or desire to have a fixed line connection it is important for IT personnel to be able to remotely connect to sites.

4G or not 4G, that is the question?

So the simple solution is to build a console server with a built in 4G connection right? Wrong! Many server rooms are deep within, or underneath buildings, many data center managers do not want a 4G connection in the data center to manage. The flexible option is to provide the 4G access but to decouple the switch from the 4G access point and connection through CAT5.


Vertiv partnered with Cradlepoint (a global leader in 4G LTE and cloud services) to give customers the most flexible 4G options for connection. Reliability of service was the key priority in selecting Cradlepoint. In addition, Cradelpoint’s “Enterprise Cloud Management” enables the user to consolidate, view and push firmware to all their Cradlepoint devices from one source.

Simple connection via a VPN tunnel, flexibility on auto or manual fail over. Vertiv’s Avocent ACS Console Server just got more connected.

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25 May
09 May



Vertiv, formerly Emerson Network Power, are building a world where critical technologies always work.

By bringing the full infrastructure capability together under one brand, Vertiv have made it easier for you to take their most innovative solutions to market and solve your customers’ most pressing challenges.

Vertiv are committed to helping you grow your business, increase your profits, and become an industry front-runner.



Download the Vertiv Channel Brochure

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08 May

Opengear Infrastructure Manager IM7200 now available with Ethernet



Opengear has released the IM7216-2-24E, an addition to the IM7200 line that provides users with a built-in 24 x 10/100/1000 port switch embedded alongside the 16 port serial console device.  The IM7216-2-24E provides a complete solution to manage both through traditional console ports as well as devices that can be managed over IP such as service processors, PDUs, UPS and OOB via Ethernet on high-end routers.

Customers that have previously purchased the IM4216-34E, will find the new IM7216-2-24E offers better performance with a more powerful CPU, more RAM, increased bandwidth via gigabit fiber and 4G cellular.  In addition, customers currently purchasing the Resilience Gateway ACM7004-5-L or the Remote Site Gateway ACM7004-5 may be interested in purchasing the IM7216-2-24E for high-density deployments.

This product will be announced on May 15, 2017 and available to ship June 15, 2017.

  • Improved flexibility – a single product now has 16 serial ports, 24-port GigE switch, V.92 modem, Wi-Fi and 4G LTE (optional) and two built-in GigE (Copper and Fibre) ports
  • Increased availability to manage IP controlled devices – for instance PDU’s, UPS and server processors
  • Reduced overall solution cost –  purchase a single product to offer dual functionality
Founded in 2004, Opengear is an award winning, global manufacturer of console servers which provide remote access to network equipment, control over power distribution and visibility into environmental conditions – even in the event of a network failure which reducing costs and ensuring business continuity.


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03 May

Introducing the all-new diskAshur range from iStorage

iStorage announce the launch of the all-new diskAshur HDD/SSD range:

– diskAshur2

– diskAshur PRO2

– diskAshur DT2

3 new product lines, 41 SKUs with advanced data security, physical security, more certifications (all pending at this stage), unique designs and customisation options (4 colours available as standard on the diskAshur2). Our new hard drive/SSD range have an on-board secure microprocessor which is Common Criteria EAL4+ Ready.

Read more

iStorage delivers market leading innovations in portable data storage and digital encryption technology.

By combining the power of strong, easy to use authentication and hardware data encryption, we provide the highest level of protection available against theft or loss of confidential data.

iStorage solutions are PIN activated, hardware encrypted and extremely easy to use. When sensitive data needs storing or transporting hardware encryption offers the most secure solution. Connected via USB and secured with an alphanumeric PIN, all iStorage devices are ultra-secure and platform independent.


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03 May

Are you selling Servers, Storage or Networking?

If you are selling Servers, Storage or Networking, don’t miss out on opportunity when you are closing your day to day deals.

Avocent is an integral part of any Datacentre solution and a complimentary add-on to the products like HP, IBM, Cisco and Juniper that you are already selling.

By adding Vertiv’s IT monitoring & control solutions to your sale, you’re not only offering your clients a complete solution, you are making more money for you and your company.

MB Technology are an authorised distributor for the full Vertiv product range.

Focusing on the Vertiv Enterprise product range, we offer dedicated account management and great discounts.

Contact us for all your Vertiv requirements.

Visit https://mbtechnology.co.uk/vertiv/ for more information.

MB Technology
0161 250 0930

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03 May
07 Apr

Vote for Vertiv at the DCS Awards for Data Centre Energy Efficiency Project of the Year


The DCS awards are designed to celebrate innovation in the data centre arena rewarding companies that have demonstrated excellence in their solutions and application to projects. This year Vertiv have been shortlisted for four awards.

Nominated for

Data Centre Energy Efficiency Project of the Year

Amdocs Reaches Utmost Energy Efficiency with Vertiv’s Liebert PDX with EconoPhase

The key benefits:

  • Offers Amdocs savings of up to 70% in freecooling mode compared with alternative DX close control systems on the market.
  • It provides 40-60% annual energy savings and 1.05 pPUE, providing an annual energy cost reduction of £170,000 compared to a 1 MW, 1.3 pPUE data centre.
  • Vertiv ICOM™ Control ensures the system is completely dynamic, responding to fluctuating load profiles and optimising room conditions efficiently.

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24 Mar

What is Smart Out-of-Band Management?

Smart OOB™ is out-of-band management, auto-response and remediation for network resilience raised to a new level

The continued exponential growth and increased complexity of IT infrastructure — M2M, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things — drives the need for smarter real-time decision-making, deeper data analysis, and more robust data storage at the network edge. The demand for always-on connectivity and resilience in the face of network failure events means that more is needed from out-of-band management. Rapid identification and remediation of connectivity issues between dispersed Internet-connected devices and remote infrastructure is critical.

Smart OOB out-of-band management with auto-response and remediation

Opengear delivers a new generation of remote management solutions to meet the growing necessities of always-on connectivity and resilience. By utilizing Opengear’s Smart OOB, businesses are able to monitor, access, and manage virtually any electronic device on their network — remotely and securely — from anywhere, even when the network is down. The unique combination of remote access and monitoring capabilities include auto-response and remediation, plus OOB over cell/dial and Failover to Cellular™ backup. All features are easily managed from a centralized console.

Out-of-band management is at the heart of network resilience, and Opengear continues to focus on Smart OOB solutions that keep critical infrastructure running by developing faster access and monitoring, with more efficient management and control, and wider decision-making options. By moving computation to the data, as opposed to moving data to the computation, Opengear gives businesses unmatched speed and effectiveness in managing remote devices.

Delivering resilience, remote troubleshooting and remediation to improve availability, uptime, and the efficiency of networks

Opengear provides automated remote management solutions that integrate the features needed to monitor, access, and control all critical infrastructure at all local and remote sites. From applications, computers and networking equipment, to security cameras, power supplies and door sensors Opengear ensures resilience, and does so intelligently. Smart OOB dashboards provide secure remote interaction with key data — such as statuses on power levels, network availability, server performance, temperature conditions, cage door positions, etc. — from any web interface, including via mobile phones and tablets.

Leveraging cellular for cost effectiveness

For many network environments, the traditional path to access network equipment has been through analog telephone lines.  The cost of service for analog lines becomes significant when managing a large number of devices and locations.  By leveraging an Opengear device’s embedded 4G LTE cellular, IT departments can free up budget by utilizing M2M data plans that may cost less than $10 per month.  The growing speed and reliability of 4G LTE also introduces a new level of confidence for admins when considering the need to access remote networks during a crisis.


  • Ensure infrastructure is accessible from anywhere — even during system or network outage
  • Proactively detect faults before they become failures by monitoring everything including the physical environment
  • Faster recovery from network and IT failures with Failover to Cellular
  • Minimises disruption and downtime, providing the highest levels of business continuity

Watch the video

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14 Mar

Stock Clearance Sale – Save up to 10%


Stock Clearance

Opengear ACM5508 Remote Site Gateway
List Price £460

Additional discount available, call us for pricing





Ensuring uptime at branch offices and remote sites

The Opengear Remote Site Gateway features industry leading SmartOOB™ management solution in a compact form factor. The Remote Site Gateway can be paired with any existing connections and installations to easily add OOB management without the need for replacing existing equipment. SmartOOB enables visibility, secure access and the ability to remediate your network devices without costly onsite staff or expensive truck rollouts.

Who can most benefit from the Remote Site Gateway?

  • Isolated Remote Sites or Hard to Access Installations
  • Retail Chains
  • Branch Office Locations

Features & Benefits

  • 8 USB Ports
  • Total Scalability from few locations to global deployments
  • Futureproof and Flexible

Help your customers

  • Increase IT availability with Smart OOB access, monitoring, and intelligent fault remediation of network, power, and server infrastructure
  • Reduce mean time to repair (MTTR), detect and alert on faults and outages, meet SLAs and reduce downtime with remote and autoremediation
  • Maintain situational awareness and control during network outage with site monitoring and management delivered out-of-band
  • Reduce IT costs by equipping administrators with always-available, low level remote control of IT, network, UPS and PDU systems

Download the Data Sheet

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