Environmental Monitoring for Cabinets

Environmental Monitoring
• Power Distribution Unit (PDU) Switching & Monitoring
• Door Sensors
• Remote Management via free browser based management software
• Manage up to 32 cabinets from 1 x IP address using one network switch port

For mission critical data centres, the ability to remotely manage the cabinet
environment is vital. Environmental issues with cabinets, including high temperature & humidity, smoke, water leakage, physical threats, unauthorised door access, power and cooling inefficiencies can have a significant impact on operational performance and efficiency.

InfraGuard features include switching and monitoring of PDUs, two door and two side panel alarms, control of cooling fans, monitoring of temperature and humidity, as well as smoke, shock and water alarms.

The box itself includes two large visual LED temperature monitoring windows. A further two other temperature monitors are also available directly from each PDU (the values from which can be viewed either
via the software or on the PDU LCD screen itself) giving a potential of 10 temperature & humidity sensors per cabinet.

One InfraGuard master box and IP address allows the connection (via cascade) to 15 slave boxes. Free web based Graphic User Interface (GUI) management software (IGM-03) then allows up to 30 master box
connections or control of 480 slave boxes.

Under “One Box Two Cabinets” scenario, environmental remote management up to 960 cabinets can be achieved giving flexibility scalability.

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