Cabinet Access Control
Cost Efficient Smart Card Access for Cabinets

Cabinet level access security has become critically important for all data centres and server rooms. Austin Hughes has the perfect, affordable solution – simply add InfraSolution S stand-alone smart card access.

As the handles have been designed to fit the universal mounting cut out that the majority of cabinet manufacturers use, they can be easily installed into existing or new installations.

The smart card handles are available with either MIFARE or Proximity HiD readers.

Users existing smart cards can also be used if required with the S-800 handles.

User’s existing smart cards can also be used if required with the S-800 handles. Once installation of the handles is complete, the only thing left to do is program your smart card with the free and user-friendly software provided. Each smart card must be programmed to each individual handle, and will only allow access to the handles that it has been programmed to.

Further security handles can be programmed to only accept dual card authentication, this requires two people’s smart cards to be presented to the handle before the door is unlocked. The LED colour indication on the InfraSolution S stand-alone smart card handle provides clear visual indicators as to the cabinet door lock status. Unauthorised cabinet access can also incorporate an audible alarm when handles are fitted with optional door sensors.

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