Integrated IT Access Control & Monitoring for Cabinets

InfraSolution X provides Data Centre Managers a complete networked solution with monitoring, control, alarm and reporting. It allows cabinet access remote management – saving travelling time/costs and hence increases data centre operation efficiency.

InfraSolution X integrated IT access control caters for the two most common smart card alternatives: MIFARE and Proximity HiD. Allowing easy setup of designated users with access rights for cabinets at specific time/day/date. User’s can even incorporate existing smart cards if required.

InfraPower PDU monitoring and control can be incorporated and using centralised management allows viewing of current (Amp), voltage (Volts), power (KW), energy (kWh), and remotely switch on/off power sockets via IP.

For complete environmental monitoring InfraSolution X offers a wide range of sensors including temperature & humidity, smoke, shock, water, LED beacon, LED light.

Unauthorised access and environmental conditions can be sent to the administrators via email, SNMP or SMS. Total reporting is provided with complete access logs and event occurrences. The simple Graphic User Interface (GUI) software allows up to 8 simultaneous users access to control different cabinets.

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