Hospitals never shut down; so healthcare networks can’t afford to go down either. That’s why having highly resilient network solutions in place is critical for supporting the constant need for patient care. Access to hospital systems, records and connectivity to other healthcare professionals is vital to today’s streamlined approach to patient care. With Opengear, that can be achieved with the confidence of knowing that IT infrastructure can be proactively monitored and remediated from virtually anywhere by using the power 4G LTE.

Maintain compliance and security while remotely managing critical IT systems to keep patient care systems and facilities running continuously.

Intelligent Diagnosis and Remedy…For Your Network

The combination of SmartOOB™ and Failover to Cellular™ help large healthcare networks virtually eliminate downtime. Less time worrying about the inability to access critical systems such as patient record directories, telehealth platforms and pharmacy software allows professionals to concentrate on what is really important: their patients. Our highly reliable, highly secure solutions help streamline patient-physician/pharmacy interaction while enabling IT teams to meet HIPAA compliance.


  • Maintain connectivity to critical healthcare systems, telehealth services and pharmacy networks
  • Multicarrier support for ensure connectivity, regardless of hospital/facility location
  • Environmental monitoring for increased visibility and security to meet strict regulations
  • Data logging for indepth record keeping, reporting and analysis
  • Broad device portfolio to support deployments large and small
  • Vast reseller network for streamlined purchasing

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